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PG581hand-held portable potentiostat - galvanostat
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UniscanPG581 is a high-quality digital scanning potentiostat-galvanostat. The compact design provides a user-configurable instrument for demanding research applications and in-field use via its internal rechargeable battery.

Key features of the PG581
-Portable hand held potentiostat and galvanostat operation.
-Real time plotting of experimental data on graphics screen.
-Data storage on removable miniSD card.
-Research grade performance.
-Use stand-alone with internal rechargeable battery power.
-USB connectivity to PC for laboratory based experiments.
-Windows™ compatible software with full suite of electrochemical and corrosion techniques.
-Connection for up to 5 Working Electrodes (multiplexed).
-User programmable techniques via powerful macro-programming language.

-Research Electrochemistry
-Electrochemical sensors
-Biomedical applications
-Power source materials

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