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Installation Precondition for EC station
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Dear valued customers,

Thank you for choosing our instrument, in order to better complete the installation and commissioning work of your purchased EC station, please confirm the following readiness condition before installing.

The following to be filled by users
- Company name:
- Person in charge:
- Installation address:
- Telephone:

Confirm installation conditions
1. Room temperature 15-25 ℃, RH bellow 70%,  Avoid dust, direct sunlight and maganetic field  interference.

2. Instrument needs a stable laboratory bench space: length 120cm, width 90cm, height 80cm. If the computer is placed on the same platform, the length is needed to be lengthened correspondingly.
3. Power supply: AC 220V+/-5%, ground wire connector.
4. Computers:CPU: P4 2.4GHz, Memory: 2GB,Hard Disk: 80G or more,CD-ROM: 1,communication port: USB 2.0,NIC: 10/100M base T NIC 1 automatically converted,Operating system:   Windows XP (Service Pack2), 17-inch monitor

Trainee Information
- Name:
- Position:
- If trainee manipulate Windows XP
- Whether trainee use the similar instrument

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