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JTS-150 A LED pump-probe spectrometer

The JTS-150 is a LED pump-probe spectrometer designed for electron transfer studies in photosynthetic organisms via fluorescence and absorbance changes.

Using external and removable actinic LEDs to excite the sample and detecting LEDs to follow the electron transfer at specific wavelenght, the JTS-150 covers a wide range of applications.

Standard applications:

Carotenoid bandshifts
Transthylakoid pH variations
Cytochrome b, f, b6f
Cyclic vs linear electron flow

General specifications:

Sensitivity 10-5 OD for samples with OD ranging from 0 to 2.
Time resolution range: from 10µs to several minutes.
Various choices of light sources (actinic and probing lights).
Optional coupling to a laser/flash Xenon lamp.

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