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M370 - Scanning Electrochemical Workstation(suspended,upgrade to M470)

The M370 Scanning Electrochemical Workstation is a new concept in Scanning Probe Electrochemistry, designed for ultra-high resolution, non-contact, spatially resolved electrochemical measurements.

The M370 is a configurable system which will perform all the key scanning probe electrochemical techniques.

-Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM)
-Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique (SVET)
-Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP)
-Localised Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (LEIS)
-Scanning Droplet System (SDS)
-Surface Topography (OSP)

The M370 utilises a fast and precise, closed loop x, y, z positioning system with nanometer resolution, along with a flexible data acquisition system enabling the user to select the configuration most suited to their experiments. The system is designed with flexibility in mind and the design ergonomics ensure convenient cell, sample and probe access.

These techniques have been used in the following application areas:

-Studying flow through membranes
-Monitoring biological activity
-Imaging immobilized enzymes
-Chemical imaging of biosystems
-Materials for fuel cell research
-Localised ISE
-Surface modification
-Corrosion science

Multiple Scanning Techniques
The M370 software supports the techniques of SECM, SVET, SKP, LEIS, SDS, OSP and uses a standard experiment model and a common precision positioning system.  The system is factory configured with one or more of these standard techniques and additional techniques may be added to your system at any time.

The M370 software configures the instrument for area and line experiments and incorporates standard electrochemistry and corrosion techniques and allows the user to easily define, visualise, record and configure all experiment parameters.

It incorporates the following features:

-Autosequencing of experiments, probe movement and area mapping.
-Graphical Experiment Sequencing Engine (GESE).
-Support for multi-zone scanning.
-3D area map analysis functions and dedicated 3D analysis areas.
-Multiple data views for all experiments.
-2D Line Graph tools for analysing and overlaying data.
-Full-screen correct-aspect-ratio display of area maps.
-Mouse button definable for Edit point, Full Screen view, Move to point (X,Y), Cross Section, 2D Fourier.
-User selectable American or European current convention support.
-Selectable vibration frequency in SVP, SKP, CHM and CTM line and area scans.

A wide variety of optional accessories are available, including various probe options, cell options (Environmental TriCell™, µTriCell™ and Shallow µTriCell™, long working distance optical video microscope (VCAM2), and 3D shaded surface rendering software (3DIsoPlot™). The ability to configure to a specific application, and upgrade at a later date, makes the M370 uniquely flexible, whilst maintaining ultimate performance.

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