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BioTools ChiralIR-2X Vibrational Circular Dichroism


· Dual Source increases signal-to-noise (S/N),3.6 times over any singular-source system
· Exclusive stage for elimination of cell artifacts with SyncRoCell™
· Complete spectral range of measurement 4000-850 cm-1 (no change of filters required)
· Baseline offset from zero less than ± 2 x 10-5 absorbance units
· 30-48 hour hold detector time
· Simultaneous collection of IR & VCD
· Interferograms (AC & DC)
· Upgrade availability to patented DualPEM™ technology which allows artifact-free measurement of solids
· Factory aligned baseline resulting in immediate and routine operation
· Digital signal processing - no lock-in or electronic filter needed
· Permanently aligned
· Lifetime warranty on scan mechanism
· Training and support by the experts with unprecedented experience in design and applications of VCD
· Micro measurements with new VCDμSamplIR™
· ChiralIR™ comes with standard IR cells but many other options are available such as BioCell™ and temperature control

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