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VMP3e 16 channel Research Grade Potentiostat System

The VMP3e is a research-grade multi-channel potentiostat. With its modular chassis design, up to 16 independent potentiostat channels can be installed. The VMP3e can be equipped with additional capabilities, including low current measurement, impedance and high current via plug-in modules.

Each potentiostat installed in the VMP3e can be connected to an external high current booster channel.
The VMP3e is a multiple user system. Thanks to the Ethernet LAN connection capability, several computers can be connected to the unit at the same time.

• General electrochemistry
• Sensors
• Corrosion
• Energy storage

• Low current: range down to 1 nA
• Built-in EIS analyser: 10µHz to 1 MHz
• Internal amplifiers: 4 A /±10 V, 8 A/±10 V
• Additional channels
• External current boosters: 2, 5, 10, 20, 80 and 100A

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